Filling the form
Step1 :

There will be a formal application extracted from your submitted data to be sent to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which authorizes the consulate for Iran visa issue. Be sure that the details have been entered correct, since they must match your passport info and the documents which will be submitted later to the consulate for collecting the Iran visa.

Confirming the application
Step2 :

In order to acknowledge the receipt of your application and double check the submitted data, an email will be sent to you confirming the receipt of your application. The application is submitted to the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) at the same time. In case you do not receive this email, please contact us.

Step3 :

The service charge is USD10.00. You will receive the service bill and the payment instructions with the receipt confirmation message. This charge is different from the Iran visa fee which you must pay to the consulate for stamping your passport (step 5). Based on the payment option you choose, there is a money transfer fee added for transferring money to Iran.

Receiving the Authorization Code
Step4 :

The output will be an authorization letter which will be transmitted to the Iranian Consulate which you have indicated in the form. We will give you this letter’s reference code (Iran Visa Authorization Code) with which you will be able to collect your Iran visa. This code is only valid to the mentioned consulate and only for 3 months from the date of issue. However you may request us to forward it to another consulate with an extra charge.

Collecting the Visa from The Consulate
Step5 :

Having the reference code, you will refer to the consulate with your passport (which must be valid for the next 6 months), the completed Iran visa application form (which can be picked from the consulate or be downloaded from their website), 2 new passport size photos (with covered hair for ladies, at some consulates), the Iran visa fee (which depends on your nationality) and the authorization reference code, (Always check the needed documents with the consulate, as there may be differences from one consulate to another.) You may also be able to send the documents and receive the Iran visa by mail. Contact the consulate for more details. Find a directory of all Iranian consulates here.

Confirming the receipt of Visa
Step6 :

Let us know the feedback. Inform us if the Iran visa collection process was straight forward or you faced problems. If there is any problem, we will remain with you for solving it until you receive the Iran visa. We rely on our clients for upgrading our service based on the feedback provided by them.

Visiting Iran
Step7 :

You will have us still present when you travel in Iran. Feel free to contact us for any questions, assistance or needed services. You may ask for a Iran visa extension from the Police Dep. of Foreign Aliens Affairs when you are in any Iranian major city.

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  • Changes to the itinerary are logical and this fact is well understood by us. Changes to your program can be reported to us by email before/during the trip.
  • In case you do not have your itinerary in mind yet, we can help you tailoring your itinerary with no cost. Answer "Yes" to the first question above and write your needs in the comment box, if this is the case.
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About Iran Visa:


Foreigners can get various types of Iran visa through easy and special procedures.

First of all, you can go in-person to the ministry of foreign affairs of Islamic republic of Iran to get Iran visa for foreigners.

On the other hand, licensed travel agencies can fulfill your requests of getting Iran visa in the shortest possible time.

By this procedure, travel agencies will issue an invitation for the guest and in case of confirm of invitation via visa section of the ministry of foreign affairs of Islamic republic of Iran; confirmation number will sent to the agency and the guest can collects his/her commercial or touristy Iran visa through visit to consulate of Iran and Iran visa confirmation code.

It takes 7 to 10 days to get Iran touristy invitation (Iran visa).

The Iran visa is valid for 3months from date of issue and passengers can have residence for 30days in Iran via Iran visa although this time can be increased to 60days through confirmation of consulate affairs of ministry of foreign affairs of Islamic republic of Iran.

It should be noted that government of the Islamic republic of Iran is completely independent to issue or not issue of Iran visa for applicants.

The place of collecting the Iran visa can be determined by guest.

Stay over the duration mentioned in Iran visa is completely contrary to the current laws and regulations of Islamic republic of Iran.

The holders of Iran visa must observe laws and regulations of the Islamic republic of Iran after entering the country.

All foreigners whose passports are valid for at least 6 months can follow the Iran visa process.

Moreover, foreigners can easily enter the free trade zones of Islamic republic of Iran such as Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar and etc. without Iran visa and via 14days entrance permission on arrival.

It’s clear that they must follow Iran visa process to continue their travel to internal areas of the country via representative office of ministry of foreign affairs located in free trade zones.

Foreigners (men) whose wife is Iranian and intend to have travel to Iran together must offer more documents in addition to essential documents for other people. The extra documents are written request of wife and copy of marriage certificate.
Have a nice stay in Iran.
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