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Hair transplant in Iran is an important part of Iran health tourism. Nowadays many foreign visitors book Iran hotels and travel this country, for health and medical treatments. One of the important issues in health and beauty is having thick and beautiful hairs (In addition for men it would be also having good mustache and beard too). Hair has a direct relation with your beauty and also self-confidence. But on the other hand today many people around the world lose their hairs, mustache or beards. Well, if you face this problem and you want your hairs back with low price and excellent quality, booking hotels of Iran and traveling this country as a health tourist would be a good option. Hair transplant in Iran, would help you to solve the problem and in addition you may enjoy Iran attractions as well. (So this means you can accomplish two tasks with only one effort)
Hair transplant procedure is one of many types of hair regrowth and hair restoration treatments popular among both men and women for restoring hair, beard or mustache or other signs of baldness and hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors such as heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, radiation therapy and a trigger event to the hair. Hair Transplant in Iran and surgery can also restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, filling in the scars etc. 

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Iran:

The types of hair transplant treatments worldwide have evolved during the past decade and have gained massive popularity. Because hairs used in the hair transplant procedure are taken from the permanent zone, they are going to last forever. Hair Transplant is the permanent solution of Baldness and hair loss. Today it is considered one of the best solutions for people who lose their hairs. Fortunately it would be possible for men and women with minimum age of 20 or 21 years old. (For people under the minimum age of hair transplant, there are other solutions available) 
Iran follows world- class standards in different hair restoration procedures in both surgical hair restoration methods such as scalp reduction of hair transplant, follicular unit hair transplant, follicular unit hair extraction and also non-surgical hair restoration method, like laser hair restoration. As a matter of fact you can choose the method or technic for your hair restoration in Iran hair clinics. Fortunately the success rate of hair transplant in Iran clinics is high with least side effects. Many Iranian doctors and hair transplant surgeons are graduated from best Europe or north America universities. There for they use new top-rated technologies and technics for their patients hair restoration. 

Hair transplant In Iran

Patients who seek to try effective and completely safe hair treatments with high success rate and the confirmed outcomes, can take advantage of Iran’s hair transplantation clinics, with modern techniques and high-end equipment and machinery and world-class standard materials. We are ready to provide you with a convenient and cost effective hair restoration procedure. 
Totally we can list the most important benefits of Iran hair transplant:

Well equipped clinics with expert surgeons with great knowledge and new skills
Low costs
Good quality and high rate of success of hair transplant
Different hair transplant technics available (For Instance: FUE, FUT, BHT, PRP, Mesotherapy and…) 
Very low side effects
Time saving
Very safe
Available for both men and women
Achieving Iran Visa, is easy 
Iran hotels are mostly high standards and so comfortable to stay (during your travel to Iran for hair transplant)
Possible in different clinics in different cities of Iran. Like Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz and…

Hair transplant treatment:

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves hair from one part of the body, to fill an area with thin or no hair. Hair transplantation is used to treat various forms and degrees of permanent hair loss (alopecia) in both men or women. 
So it would be done in two levels:

Removing hair follicles
Fill the bald or recipient area with removed follicles (Transplantation)

The procedure in Iran health and beauty clinics is done more advanced than before. In Iran nowadays many young people who face the hair loss problems or baldness, use the hair transplantation inside Iran at hair clinics. Also In the last two decades many foreign visitors choose Iran for their hair restoration because of lots of benefits and great tourist attractions.

Even if you lost parts of your mustache or beard and you want to restore them, again Iran clinics would be a good option. With new technics and help of professional doctors, nurses and surgeons, usually the hair transplant process will be done with perfect results. 

You may book Iran hotels, tours and travel Iran for your hair restoration at Irandiamond. 

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