Tehran ,Concept Of Combining Tradition And Modernity

Tehran, political and biggest city of Iran with thousands of years of history and aging places and buildings beside modernity and best facilities for living ,creates a unique and beautiful city for tourists with any style.The appropriate and luxe residential facilities and cheerful weather beside suitable welfare services are causes for choosing Tehran as an amazing and attractive destination in all times of year .Even though ,every season has its own beauty .In the following, after general explanation, introduction of some historical and tourist places will be mentioned.
Tehran, is staying in the north of Iran with about 90 kilometers distance from Caspian sea. It from the north leads to Alborz mountain chain and from the south leads to desert and plain.
The city before Islam came to Iran was environs of Rey and since Agha Mohammad Khan in Qajar period was capital until now. Tehran had 4 gates in Qajar period .First one was Dowlat gate in north, second one was Khorasan gate in east, third one was Baghshah gate in west and the last one was Ghar gate in south.
Tehran has very amazing and beautiful palaces and constructions ,due to long time of being capital that demonstrates its aging history .For example, we can point out  Sa’ad abad palace with more than 18 palaces. Different historical buildings with many kinds of traditional-iranian or western or oriental and europian architecture are causes for acclamation of famous architects all over the world.
Visitors after arriving to Tehran and staying in one of the luxe hotels can visit some of touristy places in one day easily by appropriate planning. Even though, few days are not enough time for visiting many touristy areas of Tehran .For instance ,they can go to the big and traditional market of Tehran by subway in one day.

This market was built in 19th century with the command of Nasereddin shah and is active until now. The market that is covered by traditional architecture and people’s struggle and activity demonstrates the heart of the Iranian market trading on 15th Khordad st. Visitors can go to series of Golestan buiding and palaces, as one of the admirable places, by walking on the 15th Khordad st ,after excursing in the grand bazaar.

You can visit museums named anthropology museum and gallery of painting painted by famous and big artists of Qajar period in Golestan collection.On the other hand ,tourists can visit Imam Khomeini building and national garden area showing itself as an Iranian and traditional architecture in the middle of the crowded street with new and modern buildings.

National garden collection has ancient Persia museum and is known as the mother of Iranian museums which narrates complete history of land of Pars. Having more time ,people can go to the City park and visit peace museum which is the only middle east peace museum. Visiting Baharestan sq. and national assembly can be a another choice.
There is a Ebrat museum in the north side of Imam Khomeini sq ,which demonstrates the way of dealing and torture of prisoners in Pahlavi government security prisons.

On the other hand, national and magnificent jewelry museum in Ferdowsi st.,can be another choice which shows the glory of Iran.

This is just one of the neighborhoods in Tehran. We can mention Darband and Darake in north part of Tehran as an attractive promenades of the city.
Walking pathway in the middle of the mountain beside the river running water ,creates a unique experience for visitors. Serving Iranian and traditional foods in the luxe restaurants is a complementary factor to guarantee of one perfect trip.

Sa’ad abad collection of palaces, is another historical place in the north of Tehran. There is a traditional bazaar near the palace by name of “Tajrish Bazaar” and  Imamzade Saleh shrine with an area of 3000 meters in near the bazaar which is related to the 5Th century. The shrine is covered by traditional architecture with religious and beautiful signs.

Imamzaeh Davood is a another religious place of Tehran and due to high mountain road, excellent climate and pristine and beautiful nature ,is known as a touristy destination as well as pilgrimage.
Except for the above ,you can point out parks ,structures and very modern trading complexes in Tehran. Different parks named ‘Fire and water’ and ‘Jurassic park’ and structures like Milad tower as the 19th tallest tower in the world or Tabiat bridge which has gained several international awards for its design.
At the end,we mention to other touristy areas of Tehran:
-Ferdows garden in Valiasr st.
-Mostowfi house in 15th Khordad st.
-Eynoddowleh building in Heravi sq.
-Imamzadeh Ghasem in north of Tehran.
-Tomb of Shah Abdulazim in south of Tehran.
-Zoroastrian temple in Jomhouri st.
-Imam khomaini mosque.
-Money museum in Mirdamad.

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