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Are you interested to travel Iran? Are you a European resident? If the answer to both questions is yes, so you may read this article in order to prepare yourself to take Iran Visa before booking Iran hotels and tickets to Iran. Achieving Iranian Visa is not difficult and fortunately as Iranian visa won’t be stamped for foreign tourists - particularly Europeans - this would help you to take Iran tours and having fun in this magnificent country without being worry for future travels. 

So if you want to travel Iran and visit the country, first you need to gain some information About Iran Visa and after providing necessary documents, you can apply for Iranian Visa easily. 

But one of the things you need to do is going to Iran embassy in your country. Fortunately Iran has good political relationship with most European countries and Iran embassies in European countries will help you to achieve visa and gain any information before traveling and visiting Iran. 
Here there are the properties of the most famous and important embassies of Islamic republic of Iran in Europe:

Iran embassy in Europe

- Iran embassy in Germany (Berlin) :

Iran has been a longtime friend with Germany since centuries ago till today. These two countries has lots of political, economic and other kinds of relationship. Every year many German tourists visit Iran and on the other hand Iranians are one of the important success full minorities in Germany. 
Please note that, not only Iran has an embassy in Berlin, the capital city of Germany but also 3 Consulate-Generals in other German cities: Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. 

Iranian Embassy in Berlin: 

Address: Podbielskiallee 65-67 14195 Berlin Germany
Telephone: (+49) 30 84 35 30
Fax: (+49) 30 83 222 91 33

- Iran embassy in France (Paris) :

Iran and France had political relationship for many centuries and during the last century many Iranians has visited France and also many French citizens traveled Iran for different purposes like business, tourism, research and…

Iranian Embassy in paris: 

Address: 4, avenue d'Iéna 75116 Paris France
Telephone: (+33) 1
Fax: (+33) 1  &  (+33) 1

- Iran embassy in England (Britain) :

Iran embassy in England is located in London. One of the most important cities in the world. If you are a British citizen and you want to take Iranian Visa, you can approach to Islamic republic of Iran embassy in London. 

Iran embassy in London:

Address: 16 Prince's Gate London SW7 1PT United Kingdom
Telephone:  (+44) 20 7225 4208  &  (+44) 20 7225 4222
Fax: (+44) 20 7589 4440

- Iran embassy in Netherland (Hague) :

Although Netherland capital city is Amsterdam but Iran embassy is located in Hague. Nowadays Hague is one of the famous Netherland cities in world international relationships. 

Iran embassy in Hague:

Address: Duinweg 20 2585 JX 'S-Gravenhage Netherlands
Telephone: (+31) 70-338 40 01
Fax: (+31) 70-350 32 24

- Iran embassy in Switzerland (Bern) :

Switzerland has a key role in European union foreign relationships. Many countries have good relationship with Switzerland. Iran is one of them and if you are a Swiss citizen and want to book Iran hotels and travel to Iran, you may visit or contact the Iranian embassy in Bern. 

Iranian Embassy in Bern:

Address: Thunstrasse 68 Case postale 227 3006 Berne Switzerland
Telephone:  (+41) 31 350 10 89
 Fax: (+41) 31 351 56 52

- Iran embassy in Austria (Vienna) :

Austrians can contact Islamic republic of Iran embassy in Vienne (Wien) in order to apply for Iranian Visa. 

Iranian Embassy in Vienna:

Address: Jaurèsgasse 9 1030 Wien Austria
Telephone: (+43) (1) 712 26 50 & (+43) (1) 712 26 57
Fax: (+43) (1) 713 46 94 & (+43) (1) 713 57 33

- Iran embassy in Italy (Rome) :

Italian citizens can contact embassy of Iran in Rome to gain information about Iranian Visa and other use full information. Also Iran has a Consulate-General in Milan. 

Iranian Embassy in Rome:

Address: Via Nomentana, 361 / 363 P.O. Box 102 00162 Roma Italy
Telephone: (+39) 06 863 28 485 to 7
Fax: (+39) 06 863 28 492

- Iran embassy in Spain (Madrid) :

Spanish residents would contact the embassy of Iran, located in Madrid. 

Iranian Embassy in Madrid:

Address: Jerez, 5, Villa "El Altozano" Chamartín 28016 Madrid Spain
Telephone: (+34) 91 345 01 12 to 6
Fax: (+34) 91 345 11 90

- Iran embassy in Sweden (Stockholm) :

Swedish citizens can approach embassy of Iran in Sweden which is located in capital city, Stockholm for applying Iranian Visa.

Iranian Embassy in Stockholm:

Address: Västra Yttringe Gård, Elfviksvägen Box 6031 181 06 Lidingö Sweden
Telephone: (+46) 8 63 63 677
Fax: (+46) 8 63 63 613

- Iran embassy in Greece (Athens) :

If you are a Greek citizen, in order to gain Iranian Visa you may contact embassy of Iran in Athens. 

Iranian Embassy in Athens:

Address: 16, Stratigou Kalari 154 52 P. Psychico Athens Greece
Telephone: (+30) 210.674.14.36
Fax: (+30) 210.674.79.45 

- Iran embassy in Hungary (Budapest) :

If you are looking for Iran Visa in Hungary, you would be able to approach Iran embassy in Hungary which is located in Budapest, the capital city.

Iranian Embassy in Budapest:

Address: Stefánia út 97 P.O. Box 22 1143 Budapest Hungary
Telephone: (+36) 1 460-9260 & (+36) 1 460-3264 (Consular section)
Fax: (+36) 1 460-9430

- Iran embassy in Russia (Moscow) :

Iran has an embassy in Moscow, the Russian capital city and also two Consulate-Generals in Astrakhan and Kazan. 

Iranian Embassy in Moscow:

Address: 7 Pokrovsky Boulevard Moscow Russia
Telephone: (+7) (495) 917 7282 & (+7) (495) 917 0039
Fax: (+7) (495) 917 9683

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