Medical tourism in Tehran

Iran health tourism is an important part of tourism of Iran. Many foreign visitors come to Iran, for this issue and they want to increase their health or beauty. Particularly Tehran, the capital city. Thanks to the great facilities and professional doctors, Tehran is along the cities of Iran which is now a famous destination for people who like to travel for medical treatments. 

If you are one of these people and you wish to travel to a touristy city with great security, beautiful landscape and great attractions, Tehran would be a good choice. 

Tehran medical tourism has lots of benefits:

Many hospitals and clinics with good facilities.
Expert surgeons/doctors/nurses and other medical staff.
Iran Visa won’t be stamped in your passport.
Very low rate of HIV and Hepatitis virus infections in Iran. 
Cheap prices.
English speaking doctors and staff with great experience. 
Modern medical technologies. 
Good patient care in hospital

Because of reasons above, many people prefer to take Iran visa and travel to Tehran. According to the official statistics, each year increased. In 2012 more than 30000 health tourists took Iran visa and came to Iran. The number increased in 2015 to 200000 medical tourists. Today it is estimated that in early future, Iran will host more than 500000 health tourists each year. This means Iran had a lot of progress and good conditions for foreign visitors who would like to travel for this issue. Most of the medical tourists choose Tehran. 

Medical tourism in Tehran

Health and beauty are two important parts of our life. Everybody wants to look better and more attractive. On the other hand, we need highly skilled surgeons or doctors who helps us achieving this goal. For instance if you are unhappy with your noise or you lost parts of your hairs and you face baldness, it is recommended to visit an expert doctor or surgeon who has lots of experience about nose surgery or hair transplant. But another important factor is the cost. Unfortunately nowadays the cost of these kinds of surgeries are not cheap in many countries. That’s why many people cannot benefit from new skills of new medical technologies and new beauty technics. 

But fortunately in Tehran, most of the conditions for you are perfect. The price of surgeries and medical treatments in Tehran in comparison with many other countries are low and cheap. In addition most of doctors and surgeons in famous Tehran hospitals and clinics are well educated and have great knowledge of medicine and also English language. Therefor if you are not a Persian language speaker, you don’t need to be worry about it. 

People of Iran, specially Tehran residents are nice and they welcome foreign visitors. And people who work in medical system of Iran, welcome foreign patients warmly. They know that medical tourists come from various countries with different reasons and ideas and what do they need and why they are here. 

Another good news is that not only Tehran is a good city for medical tourism but also various health and beauty surgeries and treatments are done like:

Eye care (eye check up and treatments, eye surgeries for example: Laser surgery), RHINOPLASTY (nose surgery), Hair transplant, cosmetic dentistry (for instance: gum recession and orthodontics).

Tehran is the hearth of Iran. And some of the best Iran hospitals and clinics are located there. So if you are interested to take visa for Iran and travel to Tehran for any health or beauty reason, you will definitely be happy at the end by the amazing results and have great time in Tehran.

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