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Are you interested to book Tabriz hotels? Perhaps you want to visit Tabriz, travel this beautiful city in northwest of Iran and have fun. Why?
Because of several reasons Tabriz is one of the International Tourist destination cities of Iran. Tabriz is an ancient city but also with modern structure nowadays. When you travel Tabriz you will have many options to enjoy your trip. For instance: mountain climbing, Shopping (particularly buying souvenirs), traditional cuisine and delicious foods in Tabriz restaurants, historical places, Museums, bridges, Poets Tomb and…

If you are interested to culture, history, literature, nature of Iran, Tabriz would be one of the best choices. Specially for foreigners who visit Iran for first time. One of the benefits of traveling Tabriz is Tabriz hotels. It is to be said that some of them are among the best Iran hotels now. 
These hotels are mostly well equipped, in different locations, with nice staff and in most of them best foods are served for guests. You will find Tabriz hotels so comfortable and suitable for staying. Here there are some of the best hotels of Tabriz, so if you want to travel Iran and stay in Tabriz, you may choose one of these hotels which are the best Hotels in Tabriz:

- Pars El Goli hotel:

The Pars El Goli would be an excellent choice for you if you want to choose a hotel in Tabriz. The hotel has a beautiful architecture. It has an interesting glass facade and also aluminum. 
The hotel includes 17 stories and it is today called one of the best Iran hotels in Tabriz. One of the interesting points about this hotel is that El Goli is the name of a district which the hotel is located there. 
El Goli has a lot of benefits for many visitors who come from all over the world: calm environment, having a high quality restaurant with delicious foods, being in a good location, great facilities and…

Many tourists who stayed at Pars El Goli hotel, called it an unforgettable experience. Having a sweet lunch in the hotel roof with an interesting view of Tabriz would be great for many visitors. 
The hotel is equipped with every imaginable amenity. Among the best amenities of Pars El Goli hotel are: 24 hours room service, sport complex, fitness club, medical services, free transfer, baggage room, safety box, swimming pool, laundry, ATM, Conference hall and…
The hotel is a 5 star hotel. 

Tabriz Pars El Goli hotel

- Laleh Kandovan International Hotel:

Laleh Kandovan is one of the interesting 5 star hotels in Iran. It is the third rocky hotel in the world. If you book the hotel rooms, means you will stay in the hearth of the mountain which would be so exciting. Laleh Kandovan is very famous inside and outside Iran. Many Iranian and foreign visitors have visited the area and booked this hotel. In addition it would also be useful to know that residents of Kandovan village are living in the rocky and curved rooms of mountain. 

Although you may take almost hundred eighty stairs up to reach the hotel, but you will be excited after reaching there and see the facilities and beautiful view of nature around. 
Some of the rooms have Jacuzzi filled with mineral water. You may enjoy the pure climate of the area and facilities like: coffee shop, seafood, baggage room, Taxi service, the only Conference hall in the world and etc. 
The mineral water of around areas is one of the benefits of Kandovan. Kandovan Laleh international hotel is located 60 kilometers away from Tabriz. 

Tabriz Laleh Kandovan hotel

- Kaya Laleh Park hotel:

Kaya laleh is another 5 star hotel in Tabriz which is recommended for tourists and visitors. Kaya chain hotels is a Turkish group. Kaya laleh park hotel of Tabriz is a new and modern hotel and it has an excellent location which helps you access many tourist attractions of Tabriz easily. 
Baghmisheh forest park is near the hotel so you can walk there and be relax in the beautiful area of the park. We can guarantee your comfort in Kaya laleh park hotel and Tabriz.

There are several restaurants in hotel with different kind of foods which are so popular among the people of Tabriz. Also the environment of the hotel is so clean and nice staff of hotel can help you with their excellent services. 
Don’t forget the hotel shopping center, which includes about 122 stores. Having great facilities like health center, dry sauna, Turkish bath, massage room, skin care section, yoga room, catering hall, Smoking room, meeting rooms and other great facilities made this hotel unique among Tabriz hotels.

Tabriz Kaya laleh Park hotel

- Tabriz International Hotel:

Tabriz international hotel is famous in Tabriz almost among Iran hotels for several reasons: good location (in Tabriz downtown), having good environment, beautiful yard and landscape, modern architectural style, having great amenities (swimming pool and waterfall, 24 hours film playing) and…
When you stay in the hotel you can go to visit many Tabriz attractions easily. Because the hotel is not far from many of them for instance: Tabriz museum, Kabood mosque, poets cemetery etc.
When you stay in the hotel you will be able to have the facilities like: Variety of rooms to choose, watching satellite channels, coffee shop, green space, ATM, seafood, baggage room, taxi service and Conference hall.
The Coffee shop in hotel is considered one of the bests in Tabriz with excellent service and many local people in Tabriz and foreign visitors enjoy it’s menu. 

Tabriz international Hotel

There are other good hotels in Tabriz which are famous and are suitable for visitors. If are you interested to visit Tabriz and book best Tabriz hotels, you may visit Tabriz hotels page in our web site (from the header menu, click on “Hotels” and then click “Tabriz”) and book online. 

We Wish for you having great time in Tabriz.

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