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Kish island is a tourist resort located in Persian gulf, in south Iran. Today many visitors book Kish hotels and travel there. Fortunately Kish has a lot of attractions and you can find many entertainments while you stay there. 
That’s one of the benefits of Kish. On the other hand most visitors don’t need Visa for traveling Kish island. Totally if you want to have fun in Iran and you are young, one of the best choices for you is travelling Kish. 
Here there are some of the best Kish attractions and when you arrive at Kish island you may have fun and have great time there:

- Ocean water park: 

One of the best attractions in Kish is Ocean water park. We suggest all travelers to book and use it’s facilities. It is a 5.6 hectare outdoor aqua park. There are 4 swimming pools, 13 water slides, one spa, a coffee shop  and also a fast food in Ocean water park. Actually there is a river ride which is to be said that it’s the most tallest ride in the region. 
Kish ocean water park is fun for young people and adults who want to have entertainment and enjoy using exciting aqua park facilities. 
Please Note that according to Iran Islamic rules, during the days of week, men and women have separate exclusive days for this place. It means some days men can go to Kish water parks, other days ladies. But we highly recommend you to book it’s ticket and having fun in Kish Ocean aqua park. 

Kish ocean water park

- Kariz Underground:

Kariz underground city is an ancient city which covers almost 10,000 square meters. It includes some underground corridors and aqueducts (in old Persian: Kariz). It was a subterranean city  which used to be place for collecting, purifying and storing the water. The complex is almost 2500 years old. 
If you like history and visiting ancient places, one of the best tourist resorts of Kish is Kariz underground city. The structure and environment are incredible. You may take magnificent photos there and enjoy it’s calm and quite environment. The inhabitants of Harireh city had been using the Kariz complex thousands years ago. On that era this subterranean city had a key rule for preparing water. But today it’s a museum and also one of the amazing tourist attractions of Kish.

Kish attractions Kariz Underground

- Kish Dolphin Park:

Dolphins park (Kish Dolphinarium) is one of the best places in Kish island which is very suitable for families particularly children and adults. Watching cute dolphins, sea lions and white wales and their motions make everybody happy and some times excited. The staff are nice and you may enjoy a lot watching dolphins swimming and playing in the water. 
Kish Dolphinarium is one of the best tourist attractions which you should not miss it. The show is amazing and if you want to swim with dolphins, you can do it with paying extra money. This would be an amazing experiment. At the end you can enter a corridor which contains an Aquarium and you may see marine creatures and fishes there. 

Kish Dolphin park

- Bird garden:

Kish bird garden is located inside Dolphins park complex and there are more than 57 kinds of birds and animals in the garden. Watching these various species would be interesting and amazing for visitors. 
You would see swans, toucans, storks, pelicans, ostriches, penguins and … and enjoy watching them and the beautiful landscape.

Kish birds garden

- Aqua sports:

Kish is well known in Iran for many water sports. If you like swimming in the Persian gulf or doing exciting aqua sports for instance Jet ski, water skiing, Fly board,  beach volleyball, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing and…
Usually young generations love most of these activities which would be fun for them. Each of them can make exciting moments for you and your family or friends. When you go scuba diving you can see marine creatures and their life style in Persian gulf. Jet ski, Fly board and Parasailing are also kinds of excitement adrenaline sports. 

kish Aqua sports

- Greek ship:

 Decades ago a Greek cargo ship was beached in south west of Kish island and since then it was abandoned. Today many visitors (including Iranian and foreign tourists) who visit Kish island, go the beach near the ship and take photos. 
The ship has an interesting story: it was built in Scotland during the Second World War and years ago it was sold to Iran and finally it was bought by Greeks. During the lifetime of the ship, it had various names including: Empire Trumpet, Naturalist, Persian Cyrus, Hamadan and finally Koula F. 
Now you can go to south beaches of Kish and see this magnificent ship. Specially at the evening that it has an excellent view.

kish Greek ship

- Green Tree complex:

Kish is famous for Iranians for several reasons but one of them is it’s magnificent agriculture. One of the interesting trees of Kish resort is an old tree which is said to have almost 600 years old. It is located in Harireh old city and visiting it is free for everybody. 
The shape of tree and the nature of this part of Kish island is interesting. That’s why many visitors try to stand near it and take great selfies. 

kish Green Tree Complex

- Harireh Ancient City:

If you like history and you are interested to visit ancient cities, visiting Harireh ancient city which has at least 800 years old, would be great.  Visiting the ancient structure and interesting landscape of this place would be fun. Still there are the ruins of some ancient houses and arches. 
Harireh city helps you understand and find the history of region. 

kish Harireh Ancient city
At last we wish for you to have great time in Kish and enjoy it’s amazing attractions. 

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