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Visiting Iran and booking Iran hotels is a dream for many people around the world. Traveling to the beautiful cities like Tabriz, Rasht, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and also Islands in south Iran like Kish and Qeshm island and… would be amazing. Particularly if it’s the first you travel this country. 

Like many countries, traveling to Iran needs Visa. Therefor if you want to visit this country, for any purpose you need Iran Visa. But there are several kinds of Iranian Visa for foreigners. 
If you are interested to visit Iran and get Iran Visa, you may apply for that issue by registering Visa forms and do the other things required. 
Most foreign citizens who like to travel to Iran and get Visa for Iran, want to take Iran tourist, business or transit visa. For transit Visa you don’t need to worry about, it’s not very difficult. Also many foreign tourists visit Iran for health tourism

But if you want to apply for tourist or business purposes to Iran, you need to do step by step required things. Actually there are 7 steps for this issue which are necessary. 
These seven steps are:

- Filling the form: 

First step is to fill the formal application forms. The details should match your passport and other personal documents which are needed for this process. Application form for Iran Visa includes your personal information (for instance: your Name, surname, your contact numbers, your Nationality and…) 

- Confirming the application:

After filling the form, you will receive an email for confirming the application form means your request is confirmed at Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). 

- Payments:

You will receive payment instructions and also service bill. There are different payment options at this level.

- Authorization Code:

An authorization letter will be sent to you including  authorization code which is called: Iran Visa Authorization Code. The code is valid for almost three months. 

- Select your Visa:

On this step you need to refer to the Iranian consulate with required documents (application form, passport, two new passport size photos, Iran visa fees and authorization reference code). Note You may attend or send your documents by email. 

- Confirming the receipt of Visa:

If you face any problem for your Iran Visa process, you may call the travel agency you want to travel to Iran. 

Types of Iran Tourist Visa:

There are several types of Iranian tourist Visas for foreign citizens: 

Visa free
Visa on arrival 
Visa required in advance

Visa free countries are eleven countries which don’t need any Visa to travel Iran. These countries are:


On the other hand, most of the countries citizens can obtain Iran Visa on arrival, except following countries who must obtain a visa in advance: 
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, United Kingdom and United States.

Except those countries (and also Israel which it’s citizens are prohibited from travel to Iran) most of the citizens of other  countries can obtain visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days which is extendable. 

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