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The Shiraz city is one of the famous and important cities of Iran. Shiraz is one of the best historical and cultural cities of Iran. The city is located in southwest of Iran and is considered one of the oldest cities in Iran. 
Today Shiraz has a lot of attractions particularly historical monuments and buildings. The history of the city is estimated to be more than 4000 years. This means a long history for the city which makes it so important among the historical cities of the world. 

Today if you are interested to see historical places in Iran, one of the best cities is Shiraz. You may book Shiraz hotels and visit the city and it’s attractions. If you are interested to know about the ancient history of Iran one the best choices for you would be visiting Shiraz. There are a lot historical attractions inside and outside the city which helps you to understand more about this land. 
Now we are going to introduce some of the best historical attractions in Shiraz:

- PERSPOLIS (Takhte Jamshid) :

Perspolis is the name of one of ancient cities in Iran located near Shiraz and today it’s famous for many scientists and historians who research about the history of ancient Iran. Perspolis was built during governance era of Achaemenid kings almost 2500 years ago. On that era, Perspolis was the capital city of Iran. Interesting, right?

Well today if you visit Shiraz you will have the chance of visiting the ruins of Perspolis castels and some of the beautiful engravings on the walls. Every year many Iranian and foreign tourists visit the area and take memorable selfies. Perspolis is the hearth of ancient Iran and if you want to know about great civilization of Iran, you may visit this place. We strongly recommend you not to lose here as one of the interesting attractions of the Iran.

Persepolis Shiraz


Karim khan zand was an Iranian king who ruled this country about 300 years ago. At the time he choosed Shiraz as his capital city. Today there are some historical monuments remained from his era and one of them is Karimkhani citadel (Arg of Karimkhan).

This cathedral has an interesting and great environment and architect. It has a big and beautiful yard and also some old buildings with unique architecture. There is a lot of painted rooms and porches, fountains and flowerbeds in the castle. 
The castle is so important and famous today that not only many Iranians who visit Shiraz, but also many foreign tourists visit the place. 

Karimkhan Citadel Shiraz

- SHIRAZ QAVAM HOUSE (Narenjestan-e Ghavam) :

Qavam House is one of the traditional and historical houses in Shiraz. The house was built in 19th century. It has an attractive area including some beautiful gardens and buildings with glorious architectural. 

There is a lot of different kind of flowers and plants in the gardens. There is also a museum located inside the complex. Qavam House is among the best places in Shiraz to travel to the past centuries. Also if you are interested to visit gardens with beautiful plants, you may enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of this place. You can find original and traditional Iranian arts at this house and it’s gardens. For instance: mirror works, lithograph, brickworks, traditional paintings, mosaics and…

Qavam House Shiraz

- Pasargad city of Fars:

Pasargad city consists of some historical structures from 2500 years ago. Mostly from Achaemenid era. The main structure in the area is temple of great Cyrus (one of the famous Achaemenid kings). There are also other interesting places on this collection, including:
kingdom garden, Darvaze palace, private palace, Mozaffari historic public house, historic fountains and etc.
This historical collection was registered as one of the world heritage works of Iran. The total area of this place is almost 160 hectars. 

Pasargad City Shiraz

- Shiraz Eram garden:

Eram garden is an old garden located in Shiraz and it’s one of the famous gardens in Iran. It includes not only a beautiful botanical garden but also some historical monuments. 
It would be interesting to know that the main roots of the garden is not clear but at least since 11th century the garden have been alive till today. 

There are wide range of plants and flowers in the garden and if you love nature, you will have great time in Eram garden. The main building of the garden has 32 rooms and the poems of Hafez (one of the famous poets of Shiraz) are written inside the rooms.
Eram garden is located in north Shiraz. 

Eram Garden Shiraz

- Shiraz Vakil Bazaar:

Vakil bazaar is one of the oldest traditional shopping centers in Iran. Every year many Iranians and foreign visitors go to this bazaar and many of them buy artifacts, crafts and other kinds of sovenirs. Vakil bazaar was built by the order of Iranian king, Karimkhan Zand in 18th century. Today you can buy many kinds of goods from vakil bazaar shops. Vakil bazaar has a key role in the economy and tourism of Shiraz. 
There are other historical monuments near Vakil bazaar from 18th century (Karimkhan zand era) like Vakil bath and Vakil mosque. 

Vakil bazaar Shiraz

These are some of the important historical places in Shiraz and round it. There are several other historical monuments (like: Naqshe Rustam, Bishapur, Margoon waterfall, Ardeshir palace and…) which we will inform you and write about them in future. 
By booking shiraz hotels and tours, you may see part of ancient Iran history and the beautiful city of Shiraz. 

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