Tomb of Ferdowsi

It should be noted that poem and literature are considered among most important aspects of rich culture of Iran and one of the cultural features of the country.
Therefore, Iran is proud of many poets which are famous around the world. One of these poets named Ferdowsi can be considered as an old poet that his masterpiece called Shahnameh has global reputation.
This poet tried his best to create an unique and lasting literary memorial and that’s why his tomb attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world especially those who are interested in literature.

It is noteworthy that there is also a special day called Ferdowsi day in Iranian calendar.
Stay with us to travel to the Toos city, Khorasan-e Razavi province where the Ferdowsi tomb is located in.
This beautiful attraction is hosting many foreign and Iranian tourists and attracts many people from near and far places.
The tomb is located exactly in 28Km west of Pazh village, the Ferdowsi’s birthplace.

The Abolghasem Ferdowsi is a Persian epic poet born in Toos, Khorasan in 907 and passed away 87years later.
Most experts believe that he can be considered as the most important Persian poet that created one of the best masterpieces of the world in the short period of time.
The Ferdowsi is also famous for other nicknames such as master of speech, sage of speech etc. with global reputation around the world.
By composing the Shahnameh, the Ferdowsi played a very important role to refresh the culture of Iran and eternity of Persian language was created by endless efforts of this prominent poet.

The precious Shahnameh book including about 60000 distiches is one of the best and most important epic literature works created by efforts of the Ferdowsi during the course of 35years.
This literary masterpiece is picturing history of Iran, legends and heroes from the beginning until attack of Arabs to Iran in the 7th century consisting four periods of Parthian, sassanian, Kianian and Pishdarian.
The tomb of Ferdowsi was constructed and destroyed many times during different periods.
The existing complex of tomb has space of about 6hectare including garden, pool, sculpture of Ferdowsi, memorial monument, official buildings, library, museum etc.

The internal architecture of the monument is very beautiful consisting tiling, decorative stones carved based on stories of the Shahnameh, stone inscriptions etc.
The entrance of the complex is located in south and there is a pool reflexing the image of tomb in the heart which is visible by entering the complex.
On the other hand, the special design of the construction was done based on tomb of Cyrus the great in Pasargad.
Moreover, the interior of the monument indicating architecture of the Parthian era including 20 marble pillars at the bottom and 8 pillars above.

The tomb of Ferdowsi built by concrete, stone  and tile and having 945 meters of infrastructure includes 3main parts.
The first part is tombstone made by marble in the middle of the tomb located on the marble platform which is shining with a decorative margin.
The second part is a hall with square shape constructed by marble and decorated by stucco and tiling. The hall includes four tall pillars and two heads in all corners.
Every wall is decorated by a pair of similar but shorter pillars and looks like an entrance.

The last part is the staircase enclosure covered again by marble including a room above which a large number Ferdowsi’s poems are carved on its walls.
As we mentioned before there is also a museum indicating a variety of objects such as stone works of the pre-historic era, many objects related to the Ferdowsi’s era, wide range of donated objects etc.
The library with ceremonial function which its east room has been dedicated to the catering hall is also among other interesting sections of the complex.
A valuable Iranian carpet with 37square meters size produced by an exceptional factory in Mashhad is shining on the floor.
We strongly recommend here to all tourists especially people who are interested in literature.
Hope to have a nice stay and visit.

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