Shiraz Qavam House

Qavam House(also widely called “Narenjestan-e Ghavam”) is a traditional and historical house in Shiraz, Iran. The garden was built between 1819 and 1886 by Mirza Ibrahimkhan.
Variety of gardens built in different historical periods are among brilliant and glorious architectural landscapes of Iran which are exposed at the moment, attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world.
It is noteworthy that Iranian gardens have three unique features separating them from other Iranian structures and other gardens of the world.

First of all, they are located close to the water stream to create pleasant water sound. The second feature is that tall walls create privacy for inhabitants and the third feature is the existence of a mansion and swimming pool, creating spectacular view and also providing possibility of long-term residence for garden owners.

All these seemingly simple features are considered as transformation in structure of gardens, making Iranian garden as a famous attraction around the world.
Be with us to travel to the Shiraz and visit an eye-catching garden including very pleasant and enjoyable environment and atmosphere.

The Narenjestan-e Ghavam is related to the Qajar era and its beauties attract any traveler definitely.
There is a museum in the garden consisting donative objects of professor Pop (American Iran expert) which is very interesting.
On the other hand, seven Iranian arts are used to construct the garden and that’s why a large number of tourists are interested to visit here as soon as possible.
There are variety of options in the Zand street of Shiraz to choose and enjoy. The Narenjestane Ghavam garden is among them to travel to the past centuries and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere.

The garden was registered as a national property with No.1353 and is known as an important heritage of Iran history.
As we mentioned, there are seven original Iranian arts such as traditional painting, fretwork, mosaic, mirror work, lithograph, parget and brickwork on to display in various parts of the garden amazing all tourists upon arrival.

Who were the families of Qavam?
The Qavam clan were among very powerful and influential families of the Qajar era dominated over the Fars and around areas for several centuries. This family were living in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the Shiraz. 
It is noteworthy that many interesting and spectacular places and constructions of the city were built or renovated by this family such as Afif Abad garden, Delgosha garden, Zinat ol Molk house etc. 

At first glance, the Narenjestan-e Ghavam may looks as the only historical monument left from past periods but this garden will provides a series of good opportunities to get calm and spend distinctive moments.
A group of very tall trees and colorful flowers of the garden create special atmosphere for you and your companions.
You will be amazed at first glance due to unparalleled beauties of the garden, even if you are not interested in history.
In addition, a traditional teahouse of the garden is also available to experience happy and joyful moments and have local beverages and distillates as well as tea and herbal infusions. 
Additionally, dear visitors can get dressed by traditional cloths of the Shiraz and record a wide range of lasting and exciting moments in this Qajar garden through taking beautiful photos.

The Narenjestan-e Ghavam will takes you to another world and makes you free of everyday concerns and troubles.

The main and general appearance and architectural style of the garden is similar to the Qajar architecture but design of the main building is almost inspired by the Zand period architecture.
There are some buildings located in three north, east and south sides of the garden and 21 beautiful arcs are also on to display in the yard.
The main mansion of the garden is a northern construction including two stories and a basement.

This mansion includes 20 rooms in 2 floors, all connected to each other except in the east section.
The main and large porch of the garden is also among attractive parts. This porch can be considered as one of the most beautiful two pillar porches of the Qajar and Zand periods because of embellishments and arts are used.
The two pillars of the porch includes a cylindrical structure made by marble. Moreover, the oil paintings of the ceilings are inspired by paintings of the Zand era forming on the wooden ceiling.
This type of painting is a special style for Shiraz painters as a inseparable feature.
Try your best not to lose here and create a series of extraordinary and unparalleled memories.
Hope to have a nice stay In Shiraz.

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