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Tehran is the capital of Iran which is known as the main and largest metropolis of the country. This city is considered as the heart of Iran which flow of life is tangible in everywhere of the city.
Wide range of spectacular landscapes create happy and enjoyable moments for residents and guests of the capital, Tehran.
Although, sometimes the blue sky of the city is not visible due to air pollution but variety of beauties of the city will amaze you in this famous city.

Here, eye-catching attractions are available all over the city. Some of them are signs of the history and others reflect the beauties of the nature.
On the other hand, there are also some modern structures to indicate architectural and technical principles. 

The Nature Bridge or Pol-e Tabiat is known as one of these beautiful attractions with unique structure which attracts large number of visitors from all over the world.

This structure is the new symbol of Tehran after the Milad tower.
Stay with us to enjoy various beauties of this spectacular attraction. The Tabiat bridge of Tehran is a two-story bridge located in the Abbas Abad district.

This bridge joints the Taleqani park in east with the Ab-o Atash park in west. This unique structure was designed by two prominent architects named Leila Araghian and Alireza Behzadi. 
The first study to construct the bridge was launched in 2009 and finally came into operation in 2014. Many experts consider some important points to construct the structure such as environmental issues and etc.

This bridge is privileged to have an excellent position in a way that dear visitors enjoy view of main highways of the city such as Modarres, Hemmat, Haqani and Resalat. 

The bridge was built with length of 300 meters and weight of 2000 tons. The Tabiat bridge can be considered as the largest pedestrian bridge of Iran. The word Tabiat means “nature” in the Persian language.

The bridge has won several awards such as the global architectural competition based in New York and Agha Khan 2016 Award for architecture.

Actually, this bridge was designed by Leila Araghian as part of a local competition for the design of a bridge to connect two parks in north Tehran which were separated by a highway.

It is noteworthy that designer group of the bridge wanted here to be an overpass bridge not only for pass but also for stay and ponder with a beautiful and unforgettable view of Tehran.
 Therefore, the Tabiat bridge is not direct and includes some benches and seating.

It is clear that construction of the bridge over a large highway can be considered as a big challenge accompanied by temporary tunnels and platforms built to ensure that nothing fell on to the road below.

It is said that the bridge was constructed inspired by Iranian bridges such as Khaju bridge. Moreover, the bridge is an organic structure and tree-like appearance fully compatible with the environment and nature and variety of similar structures were built in the national and natural parks of lots of countries such as France, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia and Australia. 

Moreover, the tree-like pillars and naming the structure as Nature, emphasize the conjunction of two green spaces (two natures), via bridge.
This bridge is an unique and unparalleled structure due to various special features such as excellent materials and exceptional pipes and also taking the highest standards and safety factors.

In addition, according to promise of the executive team, this bridge is resistant against earthquake and other natural disasters.

The bridge has a total area of 7000 square meters and the main body is located in a tripod.
 More than 14000 steal pieces with different sizes are used and installed in the height of 40 meters from the ground.
Construction of the bridge started in 2010, using a total of 10000 cubic meters of concrete. 
Additionally, the executive team of the bridge are looking forward and try their best to build wide range of recreational areas from exhibition to coffee shop to gallery and restaurants as attractive touristy destination.

The bridge creates a rare view of the capital of Iran in the best possible way and has been gained most diverse prizes from all over the world with global reputation. 
Enjoy many sights and fun by crossing wooden flooring of this bridge. The structure was constructed in a way that the end of it cannot be seen and you should walk to discover all sections.

It is noteworthy that structure of the bridge and different landscapes will offer lots of scenes for dear visitors to take beautiful views. Prepare your cameras and create best pictures with rare backgrounds. 
Undoubtedly, exceptional view of this bridge will remain brilliant in your memories definitely.

Don’t be hesitated and choose here to create most enjoyable moments.

Have a nice stay in Iran.

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