Kish dolphin Park

The Dolphin recreational complex was built in an area with about 100 hectare space. This complex is located in the southeast of Kish Island.
Here, is known as one of the most important attractions of the Island including variety of plants, birds garden etc.
The complex is also consists of an exciting area called Dolphinarium with different marine mammals such as northern sea lion, southern sea lion, northern sea cat, sea hog and penguin which are ready to show dramatic performances.
It is noteworthy that all these animals are trained by a group of professional Iranian handlers.

Generally, there are about 21 marine mammals which are kept in various pools with about 18000 cubic meters space filled by sea water.
On the other hand, the green space of the Dolphin complex includes more than thousands of plants which are very eye-catching and beautiful in the great climatic area of the Kish Island.
Dear visitors of the complex are guided via bus toward the birds garden and then toward the Dolphinarium.
The birds garden of the complex located in one of the best positions includes more than 57 types of birds such as pelican, ostrich, parrot, various storks, African penguin etc. which is known as one of the most unique animal care centers of Iran.

It should be mentioned that the collection of different plant species of the world from southern America to Australia and from eastern Asia to Africa is among other distinctive features of this important and considerable complex.
Moreover, variety of restaurants are ready to serve most diverse delicious Iranian and foreign foods for dear guests.
It should be noted that the Kish Dolphin Complex is the first dolphin park of the country which was constructed by personal investment of the great capitalist of  the Kish Island, Mr. Hossain Sabet.
This interesting complex is located exactly in near to many high quality accommodation centers such as Simorgh, Shabaviz, Kosar etc.

In addition, the Marjan international shopping center is also close to the Dolphin complex offering most diverse and high quality products and brands of the world.
Undoubtedly, the Dolphin complex of Kish Island is considered as one of the most famous attractions and is welcoming large number of visitors from all over the world.
It is noteworthy that people who intend to have stay in accommodation centers of the Sabet Hotels Group such as Dariush, Heliya, Laleh etc. can visit the complex with a discount of 50%.
On the other hand, those who care about eye-catching and memorial photos can also count on this complex due to having unique photography location to take variety of photos with beautiful backgrounds.
Moreover, do not forget to create exciting moments and lasting memories in the traditional restaurant of the complex serving many delicious local foods of Iran in the calm and relaxing environment.
Diving with dolphins is also known as another unforgettable experience for dear travelers to provide more thrill and pleasure for you and your companions.

The complex was sold to owner of the Zagros airline company in 2014 and is under supervision and management of him at the moment.
This complex came into operation about 10 years ago and is considered as one of the great touristy attractions the Kish Island at the moment.
Classic show or circus of the Dolphin complex offering variety of joyful performances is among other exciting facilities of the complex to create more  enjoyable moments and memories.
Enjoy salty water aquarium of the Dolphin complex including most beautiful decorative fishes.

Furthermore, due to possibility of swimming with dolphins, dear passengers will experience one of the most exciting entertainments of the world in the Dolphin complex.
We strongly recommend you not to lose the Persian show of the complex offering variety of cheerful and fun performances such as sing, theater etc.
Eventually, the birds garden of the complex is also highly recommended to visit and enjoy most diverse and colorful birds of the world in the best possible way.

Hope to have nice moments in the Kish Island.

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