Namak Abrud city of Mazandaran

The Shahrak-e Namak Abrud, also known as Namak Abrood is the central district of Chalus county located in Mazandaran province, Iran.
The Namak Abrud is a touristy town, welcoming the large number of visitors from all over the world.
This resort consists of two cable car lines, famous for the Namak Abrud Telecabine.

The Namak Abrud resort is located exactly 12 kilometers from the Chalus county. The Namak Abrud is divided to the two residential and tourist sections. The residential section contains 8 neighborhoods designed for touristy population up to 100000 persons.
Moreover, the entrance passes of the residential section includes variety of entertainment facilities such as amusement park, two lines of aerial tramways, archer club, adventure park, sea lion, sled etc.
On the other hand, two forest parks named Banafsheh and Shemshad in the northern of the complex with about 200 hectare space will create unforgettable and spectacular landscapes for dear visitors.
The main purpose of the construction is to build a residential city and also a recreational center to attract non-resident population of the Noshahr and Chalus counties.

The residential districts of the resort were built in an area with about 230 hectare space.
At the 2006 census, the population of the city was 354, in 71 families.
In addition, the aerial tramways of this touristic village starts at the sea level near the shores of  the Caspian sea and ends on the top of the Alborz heights crossing dense forest area of northern Iran.
Additionally, there are large number of villa cities around it forming a vacation area for the people of Tehran.
The original plan designed by consulting engineer, Mr.Dazz, Mr.Charkhab, Mr.Hovard Homfari.

Generally, if you intend to have an enjoyable and exciting stay to refreshment in a short period of time, the Namak Abrud resort including most diverse attractions can be an exceptional choice in a calm and very great climatic area.
Upon arrival, dear passengers feel indescribable energy due to special foggy weather and beautiful view of the sea and jungle.
Create a series of happy and joyful memories via an unparalleled area covered by pristine nature and forests of the Mazandaran province and rare attractions and entertainments of the Namak Abrud resort.
Here, dear passengers are very motivated to take wide range of photos because of great and spectacular views.

Enjoy the tallest aerial tramways of the country in this resort and reach to the Koohestan mountaintop in less than 12 minutes.
The Namak Abrud aerial tramway is among most safe attractions of the country without any problem or accident so far.
The first line consists of 42 four-person cabins and reaches the passengers to the top within a 15 minutes.
The temperature of the top is 10 degrees cooler than the foot of the mountain.
It should be noted that having a cup of hot tea and pottage in an amazing climatic area and with a great view of jungle and sea on the top can be an extraordinary experience for any traveler.

The second line of the aerial tramway ends in the pristine mountaintop of Div Hamam.
There are some natural caves on the top which are very attractive and eye-catching accompanied by unique landscape.
All essential facilities such as restaurant, W.C etc. are available on the top.
On the other hand, one of most powerful sea lions of the world in this touristy complex is ready to perform show for dear tourists for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
This male Californian sea lion has been brought from the Spain. Fortunately, variety of cafes and restaurants are also available to provide more comfort and satisfaction for you and your companions.

If you intend to have stay in this resort, the Azadi hotel is recommended to reserve room although wooden cottages of the beach resort are also good option to rest and experience enjoyable moments.
Undoubtedly, the Namak Abrud tourist town will create a collection of sweet experience and memories via very exciting and lovely environment.
Hope to not lose this unique attraction of Iran.

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