Golshan Garden of Tabas

The Golshan Garden is one of the important gardens in Iran located in town of Tabas. The garden currently is known as a public recreational attraction and was built in an area with 8 hectare space.
The land of Iran has been hosted variety of dynasties during different historical periods and that’s why there are many monuments and structures in any corner of the country with special and unique appearances based on features of that era.

These buildings are still steady over cold and hot years of the year narrating stories from the past periods.
The gardens are among these structures which are considered as prominent Iranian architectural samples built according to special principles.
The Iranian gardens and their structures are very famous all over the world and many experts believe that they are really amazing.
Stay with us to enter one of these gardens and enjoy eye-catching landscape of the Golshan Garden left from the Zandiyeh and Qajar periods. We are going to the desert city of Tabas located in west side of the Khorasan-e Razavi province of Iran having spectacular natural and historical attractions.

If you are interested to gain more information about this garden and its history, stay with us to enter the garden.
It is clear that the location of this glorious garden in a desert land can be an amazing phenomenon. 
Here, is among most important Iranian gardens and its square shape can be seen only in the Tajmahal attraction located in India.
The Golshan Garden is one of the two main symbols of the Tabas city. Moreover, the garden is one of the top 50 gardens of the world based on a famous website.

The Golshan Garden is a masterpiece related to the Zandiyeh and Qajar periods located exactly between the two main deserts of Iran named Loot and Kavir as a miracle.
The English famous website called Daily Telegraph published a list in 2008 including most beautiful 60 gardens of the world and the Golshan Garden name in shining in the list.
In addition, a English author and expert of Iranian gardens named Penelope Hobhouse offered an unique description about the Golestan Garden considering here as a paradise on the earth and believed that watching the Golshan Garden is worth seven hours of driving in heart of the desert.
Undoubtedly, the existence of water in such an environment is a miracle. Here, fountains of water pour into the large pools existed all over the garden.

 Due to palms, citrus and pomegranate trees, dear visitors experience sense of presence in the desert while a Sika’s  tropical tree next to beautiful red and green flowers indicate an interesting contradiction.
It seems that such a description offered by a highly experienced expert is enough to motivate tourists to visit this beautiful garden and spend most relaxing moments.
The Golshan Garden was registered as a national property in 1962 and its name is shining in the list of national properties of Iran with No.1310. 
In addition, applying special architectural features is among other interesting points of the garden making here distinctive in comparison to other gardens.

The garden was constructed in an area with a length of about 266 meters and width of about 260 meters. The design of this garden is based on the Chaharbagh or Charbagh sample as unique design for Iranian garden that passageways perpendicular to each other are dividing the area to four similar sections.
This design came into operation inspired by the Quran verses about the paradise that two creeks are interrupting each other.
There are two main passageways in the Golshan Garden intersecting each other to divide the garden into four equal parts.
There is an almost large pool in the center of these four sections including three natural fountains to dance the water without any external force.

Moreover, every part consists of smaller passageways and is divided to other four sections. The Golshan Garden is one of the rare Iranian gardens due to continuous water flow.
It is noteworthy that hot and cool springs of the Tabas from the mountains around are flowing toward the city and reach to each other in the area of garden construction.
The water of these springs enter the garden from the end, leading to the plants and trees via creeks to irrigate them in the best possible way.
Undoubtedly, the water supply system of the garden can be considered as a new phenomenon. The Golshan Garden is welcoming the large number of visitors from all over the world within a 24hours service at no cost.
Do not lose exciting moments of this unique garden to create one of your brilliant travels.
Have a nice stay in the Tabas city.

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