Ghadir Garden of Isfahan

The Ghadir cultural and recreational complex is located in west side of the Isfahan city which is available via the Sayyad-e Shirazi highway and Allameh Amini street.
This complex having various facilities was built some years ago to public use.
The complex was constructed in an area with about 52 hectare space.
Here, dear visitors enjoy many facilities such as sports grounds, library, outdoor swimming pool, amphitheater salon etc.

In the following, we mention to various buildings of the complex and their features:

1)The memorial monument of the Allameh Amini:

This building is related to one of the Shia scholars, traditionist, theologian and jurist. Here is known as one of the main parts of the complex including a memorial museum of the Allameh Amini.

2)The public library of Allameh Amini:

This library having two separate salons for men and women is welcoming large number of clients from all over the world in an area with 750 square meters. The library includes about 12000 volumes of books which are very interesting and valuable for those interested in science and knowledge.
It is noteworthy that another library called Imam Ali computer library.

3)The sport complex(swimming pool, tennis court etc.):

This complex in known as another advantage of the Ghadir garden consisting most diverse amenities such as fitness club, massage room, Jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna etc. to provide more comfort and satisfaction. The sport complex was built in an area with about 3680 square meters.

4)The child and young adult house:

This center is belonged to the Institution for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults with wide range of cultural and artistic activities in the field of mental and cultural development for children and young adults.
The organization was at the center of the vanguard of cultural production in the late 60s and early 1970s and is the platform through which many of Iran’s most regarded artists and filmmakers such as Abbas Kiarostami and Morteza Momayez, launched their careers. 
This section has been provided an instructive environment by hold various artistic classes, ceremonies and also offer many useful books.

5)The Sardab complex: 

This complex is also included two special salons to perform dramatic and artistic performances, exhibition affairs and some instructive classes.
It should be mentioned that large number of clients about 120000 persons are visiting this beautiful attraction per annum. This amount of visitors usually come here to different purposes such as official work, participate in ceremonial events in the outdoor space of the Ghadir garden etc.
The Sardab complex consists of Al-ghadir gallery, conference halls with capacity of 300 persons etc. Variety of events such as seminars, conferences, literary meetings, funerals etc. are held in this complex. The Sardab complex was built in an area with about 57 hectare.

The Ghadir garden came into operation in 1993. There are various gardens in the Isfahan city to recreation for the Isfahan people and dear passengers. On the other hand, a four-dimensional cinema is considered as another interesting section of the Ghadir garden which is very popular and considerable.
Those who are interested in sport will experience most enjoyable moments in the tennis court and other sport section of the Ghadir garden.
In addition, different hotels with different grades and prices are surrounding the Ghadir garden and passengers can easily choose their favorite accommodation center to experience pleasant moments.
The Ghadir garden is privileged to have excellent position and that’s why other important attractions are also close to here to visit and create more pleasant memories.

We strongly recommend you not to lose this cultural and recreational complex and experience one of your exceptional travels in the touristy Isfahan city including most diverse traditional and nostalgic attractions.
Hope to have a nice stay.

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