Mashhad ,second large and populous city OF IRAN

Mashhad ,second large and populous city after the Tehran, is located in northeast of the Iran.

The city was capital of the Iran in the Afshariyan era.
More than 2 million of foreign pilgrims and about 27 millions of domestic pilgrims are traveling to Mashhad yearly ,due to Imam Reza’s holy shrine(Shia’s eighth imam).

Mashhad means the place of martyrdom and this name is because of martyrdom of the Imam Reza.

In addition Mashhad can be considered as a recreational destination as well as pilgrimage ,due to having lots of historical and natural attractions with amazing climate.

The cemetery of the Ferdowsi (Iranian famous and eminent poet),is located in near of the Mashhad and always attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

The appearance of the mausoleum is adopted from Achaemenian designs.

The tomb of the Nadershah is another mausoleum of the city and is located in the Naderi museum.

The museum is stayed in northwest side of the Shohada crossroads.

In addition to Nadershah’s tomb, there are two types of weapon museums. One is related to Nadershah’s period and another is related to the other eras.

One of the best attractions of Mashhad for recreation is the garden of birds. . Here, there are a wide range of Asian, Iranian and African rare birds accompanied with a very spectacular landscape.

Medical team are ready for serving and providing health for clients in the garden.

On the other hand ,Vakil abad forest park with a large and picturesque view and lots of trees ,seaon rivers, fountains  and pools is one of the important destinations for visitors both domestic and foreign.  

The most important structure of the city and Khorasan Razavi province,is Imamreza’s holy shrine and is known as a pilgrimage and religious city of the Iran.

The shrine with outstanding and amazing architecture is welcoming a large number of people and its glory and beauty is unforgettable for the all visitors.

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