Naghshe Jahan Square

The Naghsh-e Jahan square which is also famous for its historic name “Shah Square” is known as central square of the Isfahan city, located in heart of the Naghsh-e Jahan historical attraction.

The square was renamed to the Imam Square after the Islamic revolution of Iran.

There are 4 main monuments in 4 side of the square including Ali Qapu, Shah mosque, Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque and Keisaria gate.

This important and famous attraction was built between 1598 and 1629 which is known as one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site. 

In addition to aforementioned monuments, there are 200 two-story camarillas around the square which are usually offering wide range of traditional and very high quality handicrafts of Isfahan.

The Naghsh-e Jahan square was registered as a national historic work in the national Iranian booklist in 1934.

It is noteworthy that here was among first Iranian works of UNESCO site.

Many tourists and travelers who traveled to the Isfahan in the past have been described the glory and majesty of this attraction many times.

It should be mentioned that variety of historic political talks between Iranian statesmen and envoys were held at the Naghsh-e Jahan square.

The square is surrounded by buildings from the Safavid era.

The Ali Qapu palace is located on the west side of the square. The Shah mosque is situated on the south side of this attraction. At the northern side, the Keisaria gate is located which leads to the Isfahan grand bazaar. Finally, the Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque is situated on the eastern side of the mosque.

Nowadays, the Muslim Friday prayer called Namaz-e Jom’eh is held in the Shah mosque.

The Naghsh-e Jahan is a rectangular square with length of 560meters and width of 160meters in center of the Isfahan city.

There was a vast and large garden in this region called Naghsh-e Jahan before choosing the Isfahan city as capital of Iran in the Safavid era. 

This garden was allocated to place of official buildings and also palaces of kings. There was a square named “Kushk” in center of this garden which some of traditional ceremonies such as Nowrooz were held there.

Today, you can see the Naghsh-e Jahan square on the reverse of the Iranian banknote.

The Shah mosque can be considered as the most important mosque related to the Safavid era.

 Here, variety of very professional and beautiful tiling amaze all travelers on arrival. It is noteworthy that sound reflection under the dome is the most distinctive feature of the mosque which is related to the unique architect named Ali Akbar Isfahani . Today, here is known as Imam mosque.

The Ali Qapu was built in 6floors and 1800 meters infrastructure on the west side of the square.


Every story has its own and unique beautiful and amazing decorations and embellishments.

 There are lots of distinctive features related to this building such as reflection of sounds in the entrance section, very beautiful reception hall, music hall and 53rooms which were dedicated to living room, meeting room, guest or envoy room and etc. This structure is on the wooden pillars with high degree of strength.

The Keisaria gate is another famous attraction of this square located in entrance section of the Isfahan grand bazaar.

 Here was a 3story monument but today only 2floors are left. The third floor was timpani home to announce times of the day accompanied by playing music. You can enjoy many traditional paintings on the entrance section painted by Reza Abbasi, one of most famous painters of Iran.

The Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque is the forth and last monument around the square. This mosque was known as private mosque of the Shah Abbas.

 Here was built by order of Shah Abbas and can be considered as one of the most beautiful historic buildings of the world. Some parts of the mosque were ruined in the Qajar era and renovated again in the Pahlavi period. The mosque does not have any minaret or courtyard.

We strongly recommend all travelers of the world not to lose this amazing attraction which is full of many interesting and attractive sections.

Finally, beware that most unique and exceptional handicrafts of the country are being demonstrated in this square.

Hope to have sweet moments in the Isfahan.

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