What is medical tourism?
According to the definitions released by world tourism organization (UN_WTO) one  of the major reasons that can make a traveler to make a journey is health.
The issue that is called health tourism.
In fact, health tourism Is a kind of a tourism which its purpose is to preserve, promote and recover the mental and physical health within the period of 24 hours up to one year.
Therefore a health tourist can make a journey from his country in order to take advantage of the medical facilities of the destination and recover his mental and physical health.
A kind of a tourism that has recently become a trend in iran and has been attracting a huge amount of tourists to iran yearly in order to use the medical services is medical tourism.
It’s good to know that health tourism in iran has been constituted recently.
In other word medical tourism has been approved by iran tourism organization since 1382(2003),however the main concern that led to establishing this kind of tourism was the employment of the graduated students of medical sciences and not the promotion of the medical tourism.
in 1383(2004) after the blending of the national cultural heritage organization and iran and national tourism organization, medical tourism has been officially run in iran and grabbed more attention.
Among the national tourism organization, there are other expressions that widen the scope of medical tourism.
Medical tourism is a kind of a health tourism that its specifications are as mentioned below:
Health tourism: health tourism is a kind of a tourism that is divided into 3 sections:
1-health tourism: travelling to health villages and mineral water fountains without the care and direction of a doctor 
2- medical tourism : using mineral water, salt, natural sludge, sunlight-absorbing region and …. Under the care and direction of doctors.
3-medical tourism: travelling with the purpose of medicating and doing surgeries under the follow of doctors in medical centers that aside of medicating it includes the follow of the patients.

Wellness tourism
It’s a kind of a tourism that points travelling to health villages and regions having fountains of mineral water and warm water(spa). 
In this kind of travelling, in order to release your soul of the businesses of daily life and energy recovery without the care and the direction of a doctor.
Mostly these tourists don’t have any major physical problems and they will to enjoy the healing nature of various regions.
Curative tourism means travelling to natural medical resources (mineral water fountains, salt, natural sludge and ….) in order to go through the recovery phase of the disease and the direction of the doctors. This type of tourism has been recently attracting attentions of the principals. Specially sludge therapy that has made the nature of iran, a prominent feature among the other countries of the same region.
Medical tourism is another kind of health tourism that the travelling takes place in order to cure physical diseases or go through the surgeries in medical centers and under the direction of doctors.
In this field, the patient is likely to have a need to the environment and the medical tourist services such  as spa that in this case the trip may be completed after travelling to some spots that meet these facilities. 
Hospitals around the world have been trying to attract patients by employing top-graded doctors, high-tech devices and equipments and cheap prices.
Jemy Johnson that is diabetic on the last journey that he had made to Thailand with another Christian music band, received and infection in the ankle and his kidneys went out of order. He was transported to Bumrugrad hospital in Malaysia by a plane. He had never been to Thailand before and had never heard of this hospital. It was the luck of the draw that he ended up in one of the best and most high-tech hospitals of the world in asia. 
In the previous year of the event, the hospital had cured over four hundred thousand foreign patients, more than all other hospitals in the world in more than 150 countries and all different types of services from planting hips to breasts.
The main prominency of this hospital is serving the patients under the world class circumstances but the prices of the developing countries. They serve the patients as well as a 5-star hotel.
While the expences of medical services has been dramatically raised in developed countries, americans spent 16% of the budget of the country on medical services and Europeans as well.
The idea of travelling to foreign countries in order to recover the health, sounds more charming.
As joseph woodman the author of the soon-published-book by the name of (Borderless patients) stated: yearly over one hundred fifty thousand americans and Europeans travel to foreign countries with medical purposes.
For serious surgeries india, Thailand, singapoor and Malaysia are the most popular countries.
Health tourism in iran:
Medical and cosmetic tourism is one the fast-developing industries in the world that has urged the related organizations and interested countries to devise a plan to establish and improve this industry.
Industrial life in the world is followed by some necessities and some needs.
These days, people’s tendency toward fitness, using natural resources and vitamins, reducing pain, overcoming stress and promoting the mental and physical health, is so high.
That’s why different methods of natural therapies like hot water fountains(spa) are very popular and all echelons of the society from underprivileged to privileged.

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